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One photographer? Or two?

Updated: May 9, 2018

I get a lot of enquiries for second photographers but I thought I'd write a post here on the benefits of the second shooter and if you actually need one or not. Firstly, I can say that I shoot the majority of my weddings solo. I’m still able to capture everything and all it takes is a bit of planning and allowing adequate time for travel. At the initial time of enquiry, I let my brides know that if they're getting ready close enough to each other, I will have no problem capturing both the bride and groom. That being said, I have still travelled up to an hour between locations. 

If I’m doing a full day I will start with the girls getting their hair and makeup. I’ll then head over to the boys place and one hour is usually more than enough time to capture the gents getting dressed and a few group shots. Back to the the girls I’ll get final hair and makeup with final dressing. I'll head to the ceremony location just before the bride leaves with enough time to get some ceremony location shots and a few of the gents waiting eagerly for the bride's arrival. During the wedding I have two cameras on me with two different lenses. This allows me to capture a range of shots including close-ups and wide angle without having to stop and change lenses.

It’s definitely possible to shoot a wedding with one photographer, so let’s talk about the advantages of have a second shooter. For the getting ready shots the primary photographer will be with the bride while the second is with the groom. So there’s the advantage there of having every candid moment captured. During the remainder of the proceedings the photographers will be working in the same vicinity as one another. The second photographer will provide an additional angle to each event. While the primary photographer may focus on the bride and groom, the second photographer will have more time capturing the smaller details of the ceremony and reception as well as spending more time capturing the guests.

So you will have a lot more photos from the day as well as a different angles and maybe a few more location shots with finer details captured. Prices may vary for a second shooter but this is more than likely going to add $300-$500 to your package. 


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