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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much deposit is required to book?

When you're ready to go ahead and book I'll write up a contract for you outlining the finer details of my service plus the inclusions of your package, cost associated and your obligations. With this signed contract a $400 deposit will confirm your booking and secure your date. Boom! It's that easy.


  • When is final payment due?

 The final payment isn't due until the images are ready but you can make payment when you like. Many couples like to pay prior to or around the wedding date.


  • How long until I get my photos?

With all my packages I do my best to get you 10 images within 24 hours. The remainder of the edited images will be around 3 weeks via the online album. Albums are around 3 months.


  • How much are your packages?

Please fill out the enquiry form on the contact page and I'd be more than happy to send you a list of my packages and pricing.


  • What happens if you're sick on the day?

I love my job and a slight sniffle ain't going to make me throw a sickie.  It's going to take some illness to keep me from showing up at a wedding. However, if it comes to it it's my obligation to provide a photographer of equal or better ability to cover me. All details like this can be found in my contract.

  • Will the photos have watermarks?

Only the 10 sneak peek photos will have watermarks. The remainder of your photos will not.


  • What happens if you lose the photos?

On the day I use two cameras so I'll always have at least one camera if one fails. The images are also saved to two memory cards at once in case one is faulty. Once I get back to the computer the images are immediately uploaded and backed up so there's a slim chance the photos will be lost.


  • Why do you use two cameras?

Using two cameras during the wedding allows me to have two different lenses. This will give me two different perspectives at all times. One shot can be a close-up zoom while one shooting a wide-angle, taking in the setting. This means I don't have to swap lenses on the camera during critical moments of the day.


  • How will I receive the images?

All edited images will be presented in an online album where you can view, share and download the images.


  • How many images will I receive?

I don't limit the number of images you'll receive like some photographers. All acceptable shots will be edited and supplied to you. I guarantee a minimum of 50 images per hour but I always deliver more than this.


  • ​​​Can we choose the images for our album?

You sure can. After your images are ready on the album you can make a favourites list for your album. I'll then use this to design your album and send you an online proof to approve before printing.


  • Can't we just print an album at Kmart?

Yes, you can. You can also print them on toilet paper if you like. I highly recommend leaving it to the professionals. My albums are made by a leading album manufacturer in Sydney with premium materials and colour correct printing.


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