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Finlay and Gisele Wedding

I did Finlay's brothers wedding so it was great to meet everyone again on Gisele and Finlay's Day. Finlay has Scottish Heritage and Gisele is from Brazil. I turned up at Giseles and I was met with a lot of girls in a small hotel room speaking 100mph in Portuguese and I had no idea what was going on! They soon made me feel at home and I began taking photos of Gisele dress and other details while getting to know everyone better. Unfortunately Gisele's family wasn't able to make it to Australia for the wedding so she had a great group of friends supporting her for the day. Finlay dressed in a kilt with his mother keeping a close eye on making sure he knew what he was doing. It's much more than just a kilt! The ceremony was at Rydges, Cronulla. We traveled to Salmon Haul five minutes away for photos. With an awesome outlook over the water and across to the Royal National Park and Bundeena. There was only one on each side for the bridal party but some family came along which was nice. Everyone danced into the night upstairs at the Rydges reception room which has a nice outdoor area too for some fresh air.

Salmon Haul Reserve, Cronulla, NSW 2230


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