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Booking your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Here we'll look at what's involved in booking a wedding photographer (i.e me) in just 10 steps.

1. Initial enquiry communication. 12 months prior.

After enquiring there may be 3-4 emails where we will negotiate a photography package.

2. Optional meet and consultation. 12 months prior.

You may wish to meet and go over the details of your wedding in person. This is also a good chance to get to know each other and you can take a look at my previous work in more detail.

3. Client contract. 12 months prior.

Once we have negotiated a photography package I will prepare your contract. This will outline everything included in your package and the price.

4. Deposit. 12 months prior.

Together with the signing of your contract a deposit needs to be made to finalise your booking and secure your date.

5. Pre-wedding shoot. optional 1-6 months prior.

If we have negotiated a pre-wedding shoot we'll spend around 1hr at your favourite location. This will be a fun shoot and a good chance for you to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. I'll help you choose a photo rich environment and you should wear something casual that compliments your fiancé.

6. Choose wedding photo locations. 4 months prior.

Once you've organised all the locations and times we can then start to discuss where you'll have your photos taken. In some cases this may already be organised if your entire wedding is at one location (e.g a vineyard.) This is definitely something I can help you with and if we're traveling from a ceremony location to different reception location I can recommend something in-between. I will spend some time location scouting and even check your venues for the best photo spots including a group shot and family photos which are usually held after the ceremony.

7. Meet & draft schedule. 1-2 months prior.

If we didn't meet for an initial consultation now would be a good time to meet each other and you'll also have some finer details of the wedding we can discuss. I can also advise you on how long we'll need to do photos and we can work out a rough draft for the day.

8. Touch base. 1 week prior.

I'll email you 1 week out from the wedding to see how everything is coming together for you and if I can help out in any way. This will also reassure you that I'm all set for the wedding.

9. Final rundown. 2 days prior.

At this point I'll need a final running schedule of the day. This will let me know where I need to start and all the times of the proceedings throughout the day. You can list addresses for each location and it's always good to add the phone numbers of at least one person at that location.

10. Wedding DAY.

In the morning I'll message you letting you know I'm all prepared to go with my start time and location.

Let the fun begin!


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