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Kaylyn and Ethan's Engagement Shoot

I met Kaylyn and Ethan for the first time on this shoot. It was a terribly windy day at palm beach but I had a general knowledge of the area and I knew we would be able to find shelter somehere. I don't always jump behind the camera and start taking photos. I like to walk along with couples first and get to know them a bit or make some general small talk about the day. I understand it can be awkward or daunting to meet a stranger and they start taking photos of you straight away. I learned that Kaylyn and Ethan work in the emergency services and it's now brought to my attention that there's some kind of connection between me and the emergency services. Especially cops! I have done two weddings of cop couples alone with a few other in the force too. I wonder if they do police checks on my before hiring haha! We made our way around the dunes and got some beautiful afternoon light.


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